Appropriate legal protections for vulnerable adults

Minnesota families caring for an elderly and vulnerable adult would be wise to take the appropriate legal steps to ensure that their loved one is cared for and protected. Older individuals may face a myriad of complex legal concerns, but being proactive may allow your family to avoid legal and financial complications in the future.

By working with an experienced elder law attorney, you may also be to shield a loved one from negligent care, elder abuse and other forms of harm. If you are currently caring for or believe that you will be providing care and support for an elderly family member in the future, your lawyer can help you understand what legal steps are necessary.

What does your loved one need for protection and care?

Regardless of age, health status or mental capacity, every individual has the right to protect his or her interests with certain legal documents. Whether your loved one is capable of making important decisions or you are acting on behalf of a vulnerable adult, you may consider working with your attorney on any of the following:

  • Power of attorney: This document grants a designated individual the power to act on all legal or financial matters on a person’s behalf in case of incapacitation.
  • Advanced health care directive: A person can outline his or her wishes for emergency medical care and end-of-life treatment in case of mental or physical incapacitation.
  • Long-term care planning: A person may outline plans for future nursing home care, planning for Medicare and Medicaid and make plans for other vulnerable adult concerns.
  • Guardianship or conservatorship: These allow a person to ensure his or her financial and legal wishes are upheld in case of an accident or other medical emergency.

Caring for an elderly loved one is an emotional and difficult commitment, but with the right protections in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have already addressed potential future legal and financial concerns.

Protect the interests and rights of your loved one

If you are responsible for caring for an elderly adult, you need a legal ally who is intimately familiar with the challenges you are facing, With experienced guidance, you can put the right protections in place, giving you and your loved one the peace of mind that you all deserve.