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October 2016 Archives

3 signs of nursing home neglect

One of the most emotional decisions you will make in your lifetime is placing your elderly parent in a nursing home. Choosing a nursing home that fits your parent's needs can be an overwhelming decision. Will he or she be happy there? Will the staff take good care of them? After researching what to look for in a nursing home, you make the decision and feel comfortable with it. You put your faith and trust in the nursing home and staff to have your parent's best interests at heart.

Do I need a health care directive?

At any stage in life, it's important to plan for your future. As you get older, the plans may change. Instead of making provisions for kid's college funds and retirement, you need to plan for what should be done if you suffer serious health complications or can no longer care for yourself. It can be difficult to think about and it's easy to avoid planning for the worst or to continue putting it off. However, it is important to make a plan for your future now, not only to give yourself peace of mind that your wishes will be followed, but also to ease the burden on your children and loved ones so that they won't end up making these difficult decisions on their own.

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