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December 2016 Archives

Appropriate legal protections for vulnerable adults

Minnesota families caring for an elderly and vulnerable adult would be wise to take the appropriate legal steps to ensure that their loved one is cared for and protected. Older individuals may face a myriad of complex legal concerns, but being proactive may allow your family to avoid legal and financial complications in the future.

Elder Law: Alcohol Addiction Patient Chooses Assisted Suicide

The "right to die" is an increasingly common trope in elder law around the world. In the Netherlands, assisted suicide is legal for people experiencing "unbearable suffering" and with no chance of improvement. Most of those to take advantage of the law are in the late stages of a terminal disease -- but not all.

Understanding Powers of Attorney

As individuals age and enter the twilight of their years, there may be a need for someone to step in to take care of some important medical and legal decisions. One written document that can achieve this transfer of legal power is the power of attorney.

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